njbiz.com: New Jersey families challenged to help knock out opioid abuse


Free, safe medicine disposal locations available throughout the state

Communities from across the state will participate in the 11th annual American Medicine Chest Challenge – New Jersey (AMCC-NJ) Day of Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse and Safe Disposal, on Nov. 9, a public health initiative created by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) designed to help raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and empower families to safeguard their home through the 5-step challenge.

“The American Medicine Chest Challenge’s 5-step challenge can help save the lives of our children,” said Angelo Valente, chief executive officer of AMCC. “We know that many teens who misuse opioids get them from the medicine cabinets of their friends and families, so it is crucial for people to safeguard medicine within their homes. The five steps include taking inventory of your medicine; securing your medicine chest; taking medicine only as prescribed; safely disposing of unused, unwanted and expired medicine; and, most importantly, talking to your children about the dangers of prescription drugs,” said Valente.

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