Statement: PDFNJ Chair Elaine Pozycki on New CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids


We are encouraged that the new CDC guidelines recommend and underscore the importance of medical practitioners having a conversation with patients to warn about the risks of dependence and addiction; and, to discuss the use of non-opioid pain relief alternatives before prescribing an opioid pain killer. These conversations will save lives. Beginning in New Jersey, with the advocacy of the Partnership for a Drug-Free NJPrevent Opioid Abuse has led the fight across the country to allow all patients and parents of patients to receive this important and lifesaving information – and, has won adoption of this common-sense measure in 18 states. We know these conversations are making a difference by raising awareness of the risks of opioids, as well as the need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of dependency and addiction, driving down the number of new opioid prescriptions and saving lives. 

A Brandeis University study conducted in New Jersey, the first state to adopt the requirement of conversation with patients regarding risk and sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey demonstrates the effectiveness of this timely conversations between doctors and other medical practitioners and their patients.

Elaine Pozycki
Chair, Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey