- Do your part; Support safe drug disposal programs


There is this sad and alarming fact: Every person and family has been affected or knows someone affected by the ongoing epidemic of drug abuse. The more hopeful news is that each of us can help in at least one very critical way.

The Galloway Township Police Department, led by Chief Donna Higbee, has received a permanent drop box for the disposal of unused, unwanted and expired medications. This secure box is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year; no forms to fill out and no questions asked. It is in the lobby of the police station, on the east side of the Galloway Municipal Complex, 300 E. Jimmie Leeds Road. For further assistance, or call the Police Department at 609-652-3705. You can also visit the department's website at or on Facebook at

There are probably similar programs in most towns; check with your local law enforcement department or the county Sheriff’s Department.

Brochures and posters are available in the lobbies of the Police Department, the Senior Center at Carton Avenue, the atrium lobby on the northwest side of the Municipal Complex, the Galloway branch of the Atlantic County Library System behind the Municipal Complex and the Galloway Office of Sustainability.

It is important to note here that drug abuse can cause not only criminal behavior but also physical and mental trauma as well as a family crisis. It is imperative that medical advice and mental treatment options be studied and utilized through the family physician, hospital system, urgent care, county health programs or crisis centers. Be further prepared by getting phone numbers on hand or in your cell phone for the various agencies. If a situation is dire, dial 911.

The permanent, secure drug drop-off box system was received through a partnership with Join Together Atlantic City and the American Medicine Chest Challenge. It collects material in a manner that protects the families, friends and public from harm and also cuts down on illicit street-drug traffic. This also helps to protect the environment from improper disposal through toilet or other drain flushing, solid waste or recycling contamination, illegal dumping etc. The collected materials are taken into custody until they are incinerated by a contracted company in New Jersey.

The Galloway Township Police Department and program officials have deemed this program to be a success and a vital part of a sustainable community effort. In 2016 there were 877.2 pounds collected, 713 pounds in 2017 and 813 pounds in 2018. In a Facebook posting Higbee wrote: “Thank you to all of our residents that were vigilant in aiding our efforts to crush the opioid epidemic and keep unwanted prescription meds out of the hands of those they do not belong to. Can’t wait to see how much we can take in for 2019!”

Please, search out all of these drug materials of concern from the many supposedly secure, or quite often casual and insecure places where they may be. Get rid of them through this secure manner as soon as possible.