2016 Fourth Grade Folder Requests



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November 2016

Dear Principal:

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey’s Annual Design a Fourth Grade Folder Contest is under way. We are proud to report that nearly 6,000 students from over 250 New Jersey schools participated in last year’s initiative.

The contest is open to all fourth grade students in the state. Participating students are asked to create an anti-drug message with artwork relating to the topic, “Fun Things to Do Instead Of Doing Drugs”. The contest is offered to you and your students free-of-charge.

Thirty finalists will be chosen to have their work displayed on a poster that will be sent to all New Jersey elementary schools in September, 2017. Of those, two co-winners will have their work featured on folders that will be distributed to every fourth grade student in New Jersey who requests one. Please see attached rules and criteria for participation and the classroom contact sheet.

Please see the following contest rules. Feel free to contact Jeannine Brown at 973-467-2100, ext 14, if you have any questions. I look forward to receiving entries as we work together to provide a safe, healthy and drug- free environment for your students in your schools throughout our state.


Angelo M. Valente

Executive Director

Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey

Rules and Criteria for the 2016/2017 Design Fourth Grade Folder Contest     

       1. Entries must be based on the theme Fun Things To Do Instead Of Doing Drugs”.

2.  Students must work independently on their submission.  Only one submission per student will be accepted. 

3.  The student's first name and last name, school name, school address and phone number and teacher's name must be written on the back of each submission. Submissions lacking this information will be disqualified. 

4.  As part of the printing process, a photograph is taken of each submission.  To meet printing standards each submission must meet the following criteria:

  • Only white 8 1/2” x 11” copy paper may be used. Do not use construction or colored paper.
  • Use crayons, pens, markers, and pencils.  Any color is acceptable.
  • Please do not use glitter, “sparkle” glue, collages or other media. (They don’t reproduce well.)

5.  No copyrighted characters, images or celebrities may be used or inferred.  This is very important.  Students must depend completely on their own imagination to develop their artwork.  A simple way to explain this is to note that if they have seen it on television or in the movies, it cannot be used (for example; Pokemon, Disney characters, wrestlers, athletes, etc.).  We will not be able to obtain the rights to use any copyrighted characters, images or celebrities’ names.  Any entry that uses a copyrighted character, image or celebrity will be disqualified.

6.  We recommend limiting text to a simple drug-prevention slogan or saying.  Too much writing can clutter the picture.  The focus of the submission should be the artwork. 

Within these guidelines, students should be as creative and original as possible.  We hope that this will be a positive learning experience for all involved and we look forward to seeing all of the submissions. Submissions must be postmarked by December 2, 2016 to:

PDFNJ Design a Fourth Grade Folder Contest
ATTN: Jeannine Brown
155 Millburn Ave
Millburn, NJ 07041

For additional information please call 973.467.2100 x14. Please note that submissions will not be returned.