Drop Off Boxes Offer A Secure And Anonymous Way To Fight Drug Abuse


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By Cleve Bryan

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (CBS) –  It may look like a collection from your own medicine cabinet,  half empty prescriptions, many of which expired years ago, but it might shock you what some people would do with them.

Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balees says, “What we see is these kids what they’ll do is have what’s called a Skittle party and they’ll bring whatever they have and throw them into a bowl. They’ll just grab a handful and down them with whatever liquid they’re drinking.”

What is worse is that people become addicted to prescription drugs and when the source runs out they turn to cheaper alternatives like heroin. But there is one way to cut the problem off at the source.

Over the last six months the partnership for a drug free New Jersey has been installing permanent drop off boxes for prescription drugs.

It’s called the American Medicine Chest Challenge and this is the newest box at the Atlantic County Courthouse in Mays Landing.

It’s safe, it’s secure and it’s an anonymous way to fight drug abuse before it starts by giving people the opportunity to dispose of unused medications right away.

Angela Conover of Partnership for Drug Free New Jersey says, “We need everyone to get involved and understand how dangerous these drugs can be when they are misused.”

Dropping off your prescription drugs is getting easier; there are now 79 of these boxes throughout New Jersey.

For information on locations of the drop off boxes:

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