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  • Provocative Times Square Billboard Warns Parents Against Opioid Dangers

    Posted 3/25/2016

    A heroin addiction can start in the most innocent of places, not under a bridge, but in the dentist’s chair or pediatrician’s office. As noted in H&HN’s previous coverage, there is an opioid epidemic raging across the U.S., killing thousands of Americans every day. Often, doctors are prescribing pain pills like oxycodone for sports injuries, kids end up getting hooked, and when the Rx dries up, they turn to street heroin that’s stronger, cheaper and easier to obtain.

  • New Anti-Opioid Campaigns Launched

    Posted 3/25/2016

    Two provocative anti-opioid campaigns were launched this week -- one aimed at educating parents and the other warning physicians about the risks associated with opioid pain medications.

  • From Times Square to Town Squares

    Posted 3/24/2016

    New York, NY – A national Public Service Campaign (PSA) "You Decide Before They Prescribe," geared at educating parents on the link between prescribed prescription pain medicine and heroin abuse and encouraging them to speak to their doctor regarding the addictive qualities of pain medicine and the possible alternatives.

  • You'll Never Guess What's Killing America's Teens

    Posted 3/23/2016

    Prescription painkillers are hooking our kids on heroin, with dire consequences. Who's to blame?

  • Heroin Epidemic: NJ Parents Told to be Wary of Having Pain Pills Prescribed to Kids

    Posted 3/23/2016

    Before they were shooting heroin, they most likely were popping pills. A new national campaign is being rolled out Thursday to heighten awareness about the danger of opiate-based drug prescriptions, which officials say evolved into heroin abuse for young people. New Jersey is one of the states hardest hit by the heroin-addiction epidemic.

  • Watch How the Drug Overdose Epidemic Spread in America [VIDEO]

    Posted 3/21/2016

    The epidemic of drug overdoses in the U.S. has reached crisis levels, according to newly published data from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps project. The following map shows the spread in per-capita drug overdoses from 2002 to 2014, the most recent year for which data is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • East Brunswick's Lucas Espada is a Finalist in Statewide Anti-Drug Music Competition

    Posted 3/15/2016

    MIDDLESEX, NJ – Two Middlesex County musicians have been named finalists in the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey's (PDFNJ) New Jersey Shout Down Drugs competition.

  • C.D.C. Painkiller Guidelines Aim to Reduce Addiction Risk

    Posted 3/15/2016

    In an effort to curb the worst public health drug crisis in decades, the federal government on Tuesday published the first national standards for prescription painkillers, ending months of arguments with pain doctors and drug industry groups and beginning what officials contended would be more judicious prescribing of the highly addictive medicines.

  • NJ’s Heroin, Opioid Problem Targeted with HOPE Initiative

    Posted 3/14/2016

    New Jersey lawmakers are hoping the state’s heroin and opioid addiction epidemic will settle down if the right tools are at work. An Assembly panel recently gave the green light to a bill that requires the establishment of a massive public awareness campaign to attack a problem that has strangled the New Jersey population over the last decade.

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Program Coming To Point Pleasant

    Posted 3/9/2016

    POINT PLEASANT – The Point Pleasant Borough Library of the Ocean County Library System in Point Pleasant will host the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey’s (PDFNJ) 15 Minute Child Break program on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 7 pm.