420 and What Parents Need to Know

There is an important date coming up that all parents need to be aware of. Don’t worry, it’s not Mother’s Day. There’s still some time for that.

April 20th is day known among teenagers as “National Pot Smoking Day”, based on the term 420 (pronounced "four-twenty”), a popular code for marijuana. The origins of how the term came to signify marijuana are largely unknown. One popular theory is that 420 is a dispatch code for police departments when dealing with marijuana related offenses, although there is no basis for it.

As this ominous date grows nearer, a helpful article from Power to the Parent.org gives some helpful facts and knowledge about 420 and the dangers of marijuana usage. With talks of marijuana legalization swirling around the New Jersey State Legislature, this information is becoming even more crucial.=

Parents need to continue to stay vigilant and be mindful of what their children are saying. If you are noticing the number 420 pop up in your children’s conversations, then it might be time to have a discussion with them about the dangers of marijuana usage. Our studies have show that parents who are involved in their kids’ lives and spend at least 15 minutes a day speaking with them (about anything at all!) drastically reduce their odds of trying or becoming addicted to illicit substances. New Jersey is seeing far too many loved ones fall to this devastating disease and it’s all of our responsibility to help end it.

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