Alumni In Recovery Provides Awareness And Hope To Local Communities

Alumni In Recovery (A in R) is an organization comprised of people within the recovery community, along with parents who have lost a loved one to the disease of addiction. A in R provides awareness and hope by sharing vital information. 

They host community events across Bergen county to provide people with the opportunity to talk about addiction, find a sense support in the community and change perceptions about this terrible disease.  A in R’s next event is to take place on Thursday, March 12th from 7-9 pm at the Closter Senior Center in Closter in NJ.

This week’s blog post is from Glynis Burke from A in R who shares her personal story with us and will be speaking at the event in Closter as well.

All the best, 
Angelo M. Valente, Executive Director of PDFNJ

By: Glynis Burke

On May 19, 2019 I got the call that any mother, or father or family member dreads. The evening prior, the last words my son said to me were, “Bye mom, love you.” We had spent the whole day gardening, digging and planting down at the Jersey shore. It was a perfect day. I had my son back. I was grateful and hopeful.

Patrick showered up and had planned to go see Rogan, a Freehold sober house owner for a cup of coffee and surprise him. I looked on as he got ready. He looked healthy and solid and good; in good spirits. I stopped him in his tracks and said, “Let me take your picture, I have to document this!” He put on the shades and turned to me and smiled, as he was always patient with me capturing a “second in time’… It was our Patrick… And then… It was a “rest easy evening’ with a cool spring breeze. I Went to dinner with a friend and we talked about how things were good for today and there was hope.

At noon the next day, there was a message on my phone… My husband got a call, he thought it was a prank call from the Newark Medical Examiner… Patrick’s twin had just gone across the street to the beach. Her phone rang and she came running back screaming as her girlfriend held her up from collapse, I looked up from finishing up what Pat and I had started the day before, and I instantly KNEW…. Meghan screamed “Patrick”.... Forever changed….. The journey, the roller coaster, my life, my everything.

Today I am involved in a Jersey based grass roots group called “Alumni in Recovery’. I am working to carry out what my son was unable to do, and attempting to heal myself. This epidemic is not going away. It is not shrinking. It is a modern-day plague that is decimating our youth, our future generation.

Alumni in Recovery travels from town to town, visits schools and executes community based events to raise awareness and end stigma to this dreaded disease. What is different about A in R, is that parent members share their stories, (as exampled above) and youth in recovery share their journey back to life.

I hope you can join us this week at the event.  For more information visit our website or email us at

Thanks for listening,

Glynis, Bereaved Mom

Notice: This article reflects the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ). This information should not be construed as legal advice from the author or PDFNJ. Please consult your own attorney before making any legal decisions

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