Do No Harm Reaches Out To Correctional Facility Doctors

Two weeks ago, the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey continued its highly successful partnership with the DEA - New Jersey Division and New York/New Jersey HIDTA for the Do No Harm Symposium. For this event, we also worked with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and the Community Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Morris for a Do No Harm Symposium like no other.

We reached out to doctors and medical professionals who work in specifically in New Jersey’s correctional systems to educate them about the prescription drug and heroin abuse issue in and outside of correctional facilities. It’s clear that drugs are a major issue in our prisons and a major reason why many of the inmates are there to begin with. Statistics from the Department of Justice showed that in 2011, nearly 48% of all correctional inmates are incarcerated due to drug related crimes. Do No Harm is meant to educate doctors to the dangers of prescription drugs and not to exacerbate any issues that may exist. By educating doctors, we hope that those who are currently in New Jersey’s correctional systems are able to return to society healthily and safely.

We were honored to have experts from the medical, law enforcement, and prevention and treatment fields to discuss the vast scope of this issue. Our keynote speaker, Former Governor James McGreevey, relayed his experience and work in the correctional system and stress the importance of doctor education when discussing this issue.

We are looking forward to many other Do No Harm symposiums around the state. Stay tuned for more announcements!


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