The Importance of Family Time and Communication

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with New Jersey 101.5 about the importance of talking to children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and why you should not to wait until the teen years to have these important conversations. 

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) has always stressed the important role parents and caregivers play in helping today’s young people make healthy decisions and preventing them from getting involved with substance abuse and misuse. PDFNJ emphasizes communication and family time as vital components to encouraging substance-free and healthy living. PDFNJ research has shown that parents who talk to their children for at least 15 minutes a day have children who are 67 percent less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. 

Children and teens have undergone a stressful time this past year, and it is more important than ever that we keep the lines of communication open. Being present and doing things with the children in our lives allows them to know they can let us know what is on their minds and encourage them to make healthy choices for themselves.

There are a few more weeks until Labor Day, and I hope that you will take part in PDFNJ’s summer promotion #FamilyDayNJ that encourages families to spend time together and see and do all the best things New Jersey has to offer. It can be any day you choose, anywhere in New Jersey, doing whatever you love to do. Here is how #FamilyDayNJ works:

  1. Pick A Day
  2. Pick Your Favorite Family Activity & Go
  3. Post Your Picture On Social Media. Tag @DrugFreeNJ & Use #FamilyDayNJ
  4. Win Prizes!

I also hope you will share information about #FamilyDayNJ with your community.

Thank you and continued wishes to be safe and well.

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