Justin Bieber is doing it...Lil' Wayne did it too. Are your kids also doing it?

I don’t like to make a habit out of kicking people while they’re down but there’s more Justin Bieber news going around that parents should know about. The New York Daily News is reporting rumors that Bieber’s inner circle is urging him to go into treatment for an addiction to a disturbing new drug trend making its way around the party scene: sizzurp.

Sizzurp, also known as purple drank, syrup or lean, is a frightening combination of codeine, Xanax, or similar prescription drugs, mixed with soda or Jolly Ranchers to sweeten it. It produces what the Daily News calls a “sleepy” high and has the potential to kill on the first use.


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Sizzurp came to national prominence due to praise from high profile singers and rappers. The most outspoken fan of sizzurp, Lil’ Wayne, openly talked about his love of the drink. That is, until he was rushed to the hospital after overdosing on codeine in March of 2013. He has since become an active detractor of sizzurp.

The true danger of sizzurp is how easily one can get addicted. The euphoric high caused by the abuse of prescription drugs combined with the sweetness of the soda and candy make it seem like an irresistible party treat. As a result, kids abusing sizzurp won’t know when enough is enough. This is a dangerous prospect because overdosing on sizzurp can literally cause you to stop breathing.

This new sizzurp trend seems like a frightening prospect for parents to have to react to. But thankfully, already have the necessary tools to take this problem head on. Remember, one of the main reasons why children abuse prescription drugs is because of the false belief that because a substance is legal or prescribed by doctors, it can’t be bad for you. Remind your kids that prescription drugs, when taken under a doctor’s care with full knowledge of the risks involved, can be life saving, but they can also do terrible things to those who abuse.

The ever-changing landscape of substance abuse can seem daunting to any parent, but remember that the key to keeping your kids away from it all is having open and honest communication. Have discussions with them about your values on substance abuse and arm them with the knowledge they will need to make that important choice to just say “no.”

Thank you to Elfrieda Francis, Burlington County Municipal Alliance Coordinator, for bringing this important topic to our attention.  For more information on Sizzurp, please use this factsheet provided by USA Today.

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