Marijuana Continues To Be A Complex Issue For Employers

The Marijuana Legalization Amendment is on the ballot in New Jersey this November. If it passes this would legalize the use of recreational marijuana for people 21 years and older. It also legalizes the cultivation, processing and sale of retail marijuana. New Jersey along with 32 other states and Washington D.C. have medical marijuana laws and 11 of these also passed recreational use laws.

This amendment will create complex issues for businesses in New Jersey specifically regarding drug testing in the workplace. The latest Quest Diagnostic Drug Testing Index reveals marijuana positivity rates in the workforce nationwide are at a sixteen-year high in 2019, up 11 percent from the previous year. Marijuana continues to the one of top of the most detected substances across all workforce categories. Changing attitudes toward marijuana and its legalization poses unique challenges to employers and employees

The Partnership for a Drug-New Jersey (PDFNJ) will continue to monitor the changing landscape of how the potential legalization of marijuana for recreational use impacts business throughout the state.  PDFNJ’s Drugs Don’t Work in NJ! initiative was established to help business owners and employees maintain a safe drug-free workplace. The free services can help New Jersey employers navigate through these issues that could potentially arise if legalization passes. Please click here to learn more about Drugs Don’t Work In NJ!

Continued wishes to stay safe and well


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