Opioid Education and Information is a Critical Component to Battling the Opioid Epidemic

A recent JAMA Network study has found that doctors who have stayed current on medical knowledge are less likely to overprescribe opioids for back pain. This finding demonstrates that having knowledge about opioids is likely to change behaviors to match evolving guidelines in regard to opioid prescribing.

A crucial step in the battle to fight the opioid epidemic is educating medical professionals of the risks and proper ways to treat pain and prescribe opioids. The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) offers a NJ SafeRX Webinar that satisfies the New Jersey one hour continuing education requirement concerning prescription opioids. The webinar provides critical knowledge on safe prescribing practices to help medical professionals make the best decisions for their patients.

Another important step in combatting the opioid epidemic is making sure that patients have information about the addictive qualities of opioids and alternative treatment options that are available to them.  The Opioid Patients’ Right to Know Act, is a law that has been introduced to Congress to prevent opioid addiction across the country.  This Act would create a grant program to incentivize states to require prescribers to discuss the addictive qualities of the drugs with patients and inform them of alternative treatment options before prescribing them for acute pain.

As opioid addiction and overdose deaths have increased in the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I urge all of you show your support for the Opioid Patients’ Right to Know Act by asking your Congressional representative to co-sponsor this bill. Prevent Opioid Abuse has created a simple way to enter your name and address for a letter to be automatically sent to your local Congressperson.  

Continued wishes to stay safe and well.

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