PDFNJ’s Fourth Grade Folder Contest Virtual Ceremony Honors Winners and all Participants

Yesterday the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) held a virtual ceremony to recognize all of the finalists in our Fourth Grade Folder Contest and their anti-drug artwork relating to the theme “Fun Things to do Instead of Doing Drugs”.  More than 3,400 students from across New Jersey entered the contest this year, and we are thrilled to be able to showcase the 28 finalists through a Zoom presentation for parents and family members to view all of the artwork along with a pre-recorded message from the finalists about the inspiration for their artwork. The presentation is available to view on PDFNJ’s website for everyone to see the kids great work.

The two co-winners, Channing Jervis from Huber School in Seacaucus, and Wade Bullard from Lawrence Intermediate School in Lawrenceville, were announced at the end of the Zoom presentation. All of us at PDFNJ commend these winners along, with the finalists and entrants, for their creative ability and their peer-to-peer drug free messages. The winners’ artwork will be featured on 40,000 folders that will be distributed to the fourth grade classrooms throughout the state, along with classroom posters featuring all of the finalists designs.

Over the last two months, we have converted all of our programs to a virtual format, and the Fourth Grade Folder contest is another example of how we have been able to adapt during these trying times. It was important that these children be recognized for their hard work, and that their family members be able to share in the ceremony as well.

We are all working to adapt to our new “normal” and we encourage you to take part in all of the PDFNJ virtual programs we are offering. It remains our goal to continue to communicate these important substance use prevention messages to educate today’s youth to lead a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.  Please visit our website for engaging activities for students or resources for parents as well.

  • Our Third Grade Healthy Choices Activity Book is available for parents or educators to download.  It offers an engaging and fun ways to learn about leading a healthy drug-free lifestyle. 
  • Our 5th Grade Parent Alert is available online for parents.  It provides tools and resources to educate parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The Middle School PSA contest deadline was extended until May 22nd, and we have expanded our entries to include solo submissions, so children can create them during this time at home. Students can submit a 30-second video about the dangers of substance abuse.  The winning video will be distributed throughout the tri-state area.
  • The 2020 New Jersey Shout Down Drugs concert has also been made available for high school students to listen to all of the finalists original songs that share powerful substance abuse messages that resonate with today’s youth.
  • K – 8th Grade students can also take part in our Share Your Silver Linings campaign, to share a story about a new healthy and positive family ritual, habit, activity or a healthy tip they have discovered while social distancing for a chance to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards.
  • PDFNJ’s  15 Minute Child Break program is available either as an interactive 30-minute Zoom webinar or a prerecorded presentation. It informs, encourages and empowers parents, grandparents and educators about how to communicate effectively with children about drugs and alcohol abuse and misuse.

As always, please let us know how we can help during this difficult time, and fee free to pass along this information with any organizations you think might be able to make use of our programs.

Stay safe and well.

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