The Purity of Heroin in NJ

On the heels of the important announcement that pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical facilities are permitted to collect unused, unwanted, and expired prescription drugs, the DEA is warning New Jersey residents of an increase in heroin purity in our state. According to a recent report on, heroin purity levels have reached an alarming 58%, an increase of 12% since 2011.

We have long been aware that New Jersey is home to some of the purest heroin in the country. This is due in large part to the many seaports that dot our shores, serving as access points for the drug to enter the country. As the heroin moves further west, it becomes cut up and mixed with other substances, thereby lowering the purity. But why is this an issue for parents to be concerned about? The higher the purity of the heroin, the more potent it becomes. This is particularly dangerous when users are buying the drug off the street having no idea what they are putting into their bodies. This is a drug that has the potential to kill with every dose taken, no matter if the victim is a first time user or long time abuser.

After a year where approximately two New Jersey families lost a loved one everyday to a heroin or opiate related overdose, this frightening news.

Fortunately, as I’ve mentioned on this very blog before, New Jersey has taken great leaps to meet this epidemic head on and begin to reverse the devastating trends. However, news like this serves as a reminder that despite these steps, there is still much work to be done. Parents must be as vigilant ever and look out for the common signs and symptoms of heroin abuse in their children, all the while communicating the dangers of abusing this drug. Our adversary in this struggle as grown deadlier and we must rise to the challenge.

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