A Safer Alternative to Opiate Prescriptions?

A new study released by the National Safety Council has confirmed that over-the-counter pain medications are more effective at relieving pain symptoms than their opioid counterparts. This is a fantastic development in New Jersey’s continuous struggle against the prescription drug abuse issue that has plagued our nation for many years and confirms what Partnership Co-Chair Elaine Pozycki suspected in her editorial a few months back.

The study indicates that the rise in unintentional deaths due to drug overdose are thanks to, in large part, opioid based prescription drugs. While short term prescribing of these medications are helpful in certain instances, it’s when these substances are stockpiled in medicine cabinets and abused by children that they become a major problem. 

As we saw in our latest campaign, TalkNowNJ.com, many of our children are developing addictions when they are prescribed opiate based drugs because of injury or other related pain causes. It is nice to know that over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are just as effective as opiate based prescriptions and carry with them less of a risk.

This story is coming right on the cusp of our annual American Medicine Chest Challenge National Day of Awareness on November 8 and it certainly seems like a good time to remind all of our readers of the very simple, yet very important, 5 Steps to end prescription drug abuse in New Jersey.

1. Take inventory of your prescription and over-the-counter medicine

2. Secure your medicine in a safe place, away from your children

3. Dispose of your unused, unwanted, and expired medications at an American Medicine Chest Challenge Disposal site

4. Take your medication exactly as prescribed and do not share your medicine with others

5. Talk to your children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse…they are listening.

Thanks to this new study, following these 5 important steps has never been more vital. We are looking forward to being able to end prescription drug abuse once and for all.

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