Staying Informed - Marijuana Legalization

A recent op-ed article in The Republic called for a national conversation on the subject of marijuana. It states that the issue of marijuana is much more complex than merely deciding if it should be legal or illegal. The public should be informed and engaged about the relevant research surrounding marijuana use.

I agree that it is important that New Jerseyans are informed about the new cannabis legislation and how it might affect communities, families and business throughout the state.

For families, this can be a teachable moment to talk with children about the effects marijuana can have on the developing mind and body. It could be an opportunity to have a family discussion or perhaps create a family policy of expectations regarding cannabis.

The teen brain is actively developing and often will not be fully developed until a person in their mid-20s. According to the CDC, marijuana use during this time period could harm the developing brain. Marijuana has been linked to mental health problems in teens, such as depression and anxiety, as well negative effects on cognitive functions, including coordination and concentration.

For businesses, the new laws will necessitate businesses to create new workplace drug policies and procedures. PDFNJ’s Drugs Don’t Work in New Jersey program was established to help business owners maintain and keep their workplaces drug-free. Please click here to join, and be informed about the important legal and legislative developments concerning drug-free workplaces.

Continued wishes to stay safe and well.

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