PDFNJ 4th Grade Folder Contest

The artwork submission deadline is December 7, 2019

The Fourth Grade Folder Contest is open to all fourth grade students throughout New Jersey. Students are challenged to create anti-drug artwork relating to the theme "Fun Things to do Instead of Doing Drugs." The winning entries will have their artwork reproduced as a folder distributed to every school in New Jersey.


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Bergen and Hudson County Students Win PDFNJ Statewide Fourth Grade Folder Contest

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — More than 3,000 fourth grade students from across New Jersey showed off their artistic skill as part of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey’s Design a Fourth Grade Folder contest this year, but only 32 earned recognition at the program award ceremony Tuesday at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk.

Ava Wittreich of Washington School in Bergenfield and Alysa Patel of Public School 27 in Jersey City were selected as co-winners of the contest. Their designs will appear on the folder distributed annually to thousands of fourth graders throughout the state.

All 32 fourth grade student finalists received medals for their creative peer-to-peer substance use prevention artwork following the theme “Fun Things to Do Instead of Drugs.”

“These young students have set tremendous examples for their peers to follow,” said Angelo Valente, Executive Director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey. “Their creative artwork has delivered a strong message to themselves, fellow students, teachers and parents about the importance of enjoying a healthy, drug-free life.”

Ava earned the contest’s highest honor for her chess-themed design titled, “Don’t play with drugs! You can’t win!” Alysa won for her design, “Alysa earned the contest’s highest honor for her design titled, “Never Do Drugs!” The winners’ artwork will be displayed on 40,000 folders that will be distributed to fourth grade students in September.

“Substance use prevention efforts are vital to building healthy lives for New Jersey’s youth,” Valente said. “Early prevention programs like the Fourth Grade Folder Contest are effective ways to educate and engage young students in making safe and healthy decisions for their future.”




Student Finalists in Statewide Drug Prevention Folder Artwork Contest Recognized at Award Ceremony in Middlesex County

SAYREVILLE, N.J. — More than 6,000 fourth grade students from across New Jersey participated in the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey’s Fourth Grade Folder contest, but just 30 earned their way to the award ceremony held May 3rd at the Middlesex County Fire Academy.

All 30 student finalists received medals for their creative peer-to-peer substance abuse prevention artwork with the theme, “Fun Things to Do Instead Of Doing Drugs.”

Jasiel Amigon of St. Joseph School in Carteret, Middlesex County and Justin Ferreras of St. Gerard Majella School in Paterson, Passaic County were named the overall winners of the contest. Jasiel’s dessert-inspired message, “Layer Your Life with All That Is Good,” and Justin’s creative design, “Get Away from Drugs and Have Fun,” will be featured on 40,000 folders that will be distributed to schools throughout New Jersey in September 2017.

“These young students from around the state are setting tremendous examples for others to follow,” said Angelo M. Valente, Executive Director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey. “With their creativity and enthusiasm, they are to be commended for delivering compelling messages through their artwork to other students about enjoying a healthy life without drugs. Their artwork will help other children and teens understand that there are alternatives to drugs that are fun and rewarding.

“The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has consistently believed that early prevention programs like the Fourth Grade Folder Contest, are effective ways to actively engage New Jersey’s young people in selecting and maintaining a drug-free, healthy lifestyle,” Valente added.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey honored 30 finalists from throughout the state for their artistic efforts in the Fourth Grade Folder Contest at an award ceremony held May 3 in Sayreville.


2017 PDFNJ Fourth Grade Folder Contest Poster



APP.com - Neptune City girls excel in folder contest by statewide Partnership


During the winter, Sydney Shephard and Madelyn Weinstein, both fourth-graders at Woodrow Wilson School in Neptune City, entered — along with their classmates — a statewide folder contest hosted by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey.
Out of 8,000 entries, these two best friends were excited to find out they were both among the top 30 finalists, and their work will be featured on a poster that will be on display at libraries and schools across the state. At an awards ceremony held in Newark on April 24, they were also surprised and happy to learn that Madelyn was one of two statewide grand-prize winners whose artwork will also be printed on a folder that will be distributed to all the elementary schools statewide.
“When I realized I was one of the 30 finalists, I jumped,” said Madelyn. “I was really happy that out of 8,000 kids, that I actually was a winner. I’m still happy about it! Then I found out (about being a grand-prize winner) when I was onstage (at the ceremony), and I ran up to Sydney and started hugging her.
“When my name was announced, I thought, ‘Was there a spelling error or something?’ Then I realized I had actually won!” she added.
Madelyn’s winning folder art featured the saying “All In to Stop Drugs.”
“I drew a picture of hands, all different sizes and shapes, all on top of each other and ready to fly up like at a basketball game,” she said, adding that she plays basketball and softball and was inspired by pregame team cheers.
Sydney’s artwork featured roller skates, with the idea of getting far away from drugs.
“If you know drugs are bad for you, why don’t you run away from them?” she recalled thinking when she came up with her idea for the folder art. Sydney said she, too, was really excited to learn she was a finalist.
“I was actually really, really surprised,” she said. “Since, 8,000 kids had entered, and finding out I was one of the finalists, it made my heart pump a lot! My parents were psyched, too. I was proud of myself ... my dad said I was the first finalist in the family.” She said they all had a great time at the ceremony and visiting the Newark Museum afterward.
Sydney’s parents are Wendy and Steve Shephard, and Madelyn’s parents are Heather Adams and Michael Laird. Their teachers at Woodrow Wilson are Karen Bonney (Sydney’s teacher) and Barbara Reynolds (Madelyn’s teacher).
“We were so excited and thrilled to see our daughter Sydney and her friend Madelyn on the stage together for such an important cause,” said Wendy Shephard. “We couldn’t be prouder of the girls. And we would like to thank Sydney’s teachers for encouraging her to be the best person she can be.”
“We are so proud of Madelyn’s accomplishment,” said Adams. “What a moment to treasure forever! We are also thankful for her wonderful teachers, who instill creativity every day.”
The was open to all fourth-graders from 360 elementary schools in the state. More than 8,000 artwork submissions were received.
Sydney and Madelyn, along with the other 28 state finalists, received a personalized medal and were treated to a special award ceremony, a luncheon and private tour of the Newark Museum. Each of the 30 finalists’ folders will be part of a PDFNJ poster that every elementary school and public library will receive in September.
As a grand-prize winner, Madelyn also won tickets to a Yankees game. The girls — who were accompanied to the ceremony by Wendy and Steve Shephard, Heather Adams, Madelyn’s grandmother Kerry Gizzi and teachers Karen Bonney and Barbara Reynolds — proudly represented Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Neptune City.



2010 4th Grade Folder Contest Finalist News Coverage

posted: Finalist from 2009/2010 on TV!

2010 4th Grade Folder Contest Finalist News Coverage