Why do Kids do Drugs?

It seems that no matter how many substance abuse prevention messages are put out every year and how much information is found through cutting edge research, there is still a significant percentage of the population abusing drugs and alcohol. Even more worrisome, a good amount of them are kids.

It is time we address an important question that all parents need to know the answer to: why do kids continue to abuse drugs and alcohol? Why, despite everything that we now know, do kids continue to put themselves at risk?  Why do they not heed our warnings about the problems they can develop later in life?

According to studies conducted by the Partnership at DrugFree.org, close to 80% of high school students say the main reason their peers fall into substance abuse “to deal with the pressure and stress of school”. But what do parents believe about substance abuse among teens? The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey’s Parent Tracking study indicates that nearly two-thirds of parents think the biggest reason is to look cool, followed closely by a need to feel better about themselves.  Stress of school comes up in third as a reason why teens fall into drug abuse in the eyes of parents.


15 Minute Childbreak - Partnership for a Drug-free New Jersey

That is a troubling disconnect between parents and their children and proves what the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has always said: kids who talk to their parents tend to stay away from substance abuse.  All your kids want is to know that you understand what is going with them.  We have always believed that a mere 15 minute conversation a day with your kids about anything can help open the doors of communication and allow free discussion about important issues like substance abuse. It’s the basis of our 15 Minute Child Break program, which we put on all over New Jersey.

Talk to your kids. Ask them how their day was. Have a conversation. It can go a long way towards keeping our kids drug-free.

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