Colorful, Cartoon Pills a Concern on Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today is a great opportunity for children of all ages to enjoy a fun-filled night with their friends and family.

However, it’s still important for parents and guardians to exercise caution and supervision, not only as their children go door-to-door in their neighborhoods but also before they dig in to any of the candy they receive. In a disturbing story from Georgia, police are concerned about drug pills that look like candy possibly ending up in the hands of children.

The pills are colorful and in the shapes of popular cartoon characters, which police say might lead a child to mistake them for sweet and sour candy. For older teens who might be aware that the pills are drugs, the pills’ colorful appearance might make them seem less dangerous.

To make sure children are kept safe, parents should check all Halloween candy before children begin eating it. This incident also serves as a reminder that it’s important for parents to talk about the dangers of drugs with their children.

Today is about fun and creating memories that will last for years to come. Stay vigilant to help keep children safe and have an enjoyable Halloween.

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