DEA Fights Opioid Crisis in New Jersey Through 360 Strategy

This week, I welcome Special Agent Timothy McMahon of the Drug Enforcement Administration – New Jersey Division to the blog to discuss DEA 360 Strategy.

This program has aimed to address the opioid epidemic in cities throughout the country by making an impact at the local level. DEA 360 has been launched in multiple New Jersey locations and applies a comprehensive approach for fighting this urgent crisis.

By Special Agent Timothy McMahon

The Drug Enforcement Administration has responded to the current heroin and prescription opioid pill crisis with the deployment of DEA’s 360 Strategy. Since 2016 DEA Headquarters has selected several cities a year to initiate the 360 Strategy. In 2018, the southern New Jersey region and Newark have been selected. DEA 360 in southern New Jersey started in January and Newark in June. The 360 Strategy takes an innovative three-pronged approach to fighting drug trafficking and stemming abuse:

  • Enforcement – This aspect of the strategy involves keeping drugs out of the community by reducing the drug supply and holding those accountable who are distributing drugs to those struggling with addiction, while also coordinating efforts against drug traffickers and those committing violent crime in our communities.

  • Diversion Control  - This part of the plan holds those accountable within the medical community who are overprescribing and operating outside the scope of practice and law. This process requires long-term engagement with pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and practitioners.

  • Community Outreach  - Pursuing a robust prevention and outreach effort at the community level is vital to addressing this epidemic. By partnering with grassroots initiatives and coalitions as well as with corporate and faith-based partners, medical professionals, government and community organizations, we plan to proactively promote and establish sustainable programs to address the current crisis of heroin/opioid drug overdoses in our communities.

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