Fifth Annual Don’t Get Hooked on Drugs NJ Family Fishing Tournament!

This week we will be commencing our Fifth Annual Don’t Get Hooked on Drugs NJ Family Fishing Tournament!

Every year during the summer months, we hold a fishing tournament that encourages New Jersey families to head outdoors and bond together over a fun filled day of fishing. It is important for parents and guardians to spend time quality time with their children, especially during the summertime when kids have more time on their hands and could potentially get into trouble.

Research shows us that parents who often communicate with their children significantly decrease their chances of abusing substances. Our annual fishing tournament is the perfect opportunity for families to interact with their kids and open up those lines of communication in an effort to help keep them drug-free.

The competition will take from July 19-28 and requires no entrance fee. Eligible candidates must be 18 years old or younger, New Jersey residents, and be accompanied by a parent or guardian while fishing.

Participants can take a photo of their family enjoying a fishing trip and post it on our Facebook (Drug-FreeNJ), Instagram (@DrugFreeNJ), or Twitter (@DrugFreeNJ) pages with the hashtag #DrugFreeNJ. The picture must include the youth participant and a parent or guardian. Photo opportunities are also available upon request.

All entries must be submitted no later than July 28. A total of $500 will be awarded to five randomly selected submissions on August 5.

Happy fishing!

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