Housing a Major Element of Recovery

As National Recovery Month winds down, it is important to recognize that recovery housing is a key component to helping those in recovery overcome their addiction. Recovery housing allows people struggling with addiction to experience comfort and stability as they walk along the path to recovery.

For this week’s blog, I welcome Antonia Maria Montalvo, founder of the Antonia Maria Foundation, an organization that provides temporary housing and life skills training for women as they move from dependent, often abusive or substance-dependent relationships to strong women of recovery.

By Antonia Maria Montalvo

On Saturday, September 29, the Antonia Maria Foundation will be hosting a special event to celebrate National Recovery Month from 3-8 p.m. at Babbage Park in North Brunswick. I am the founder of the Antonia Maria Foundation, and have struggled with substance abuse, as well as the tragic loss of my cousin Leo Milito from a drug overdose. My most recent recovery, in California with a focus on spirituality, is the one that brought me out of the darkness.

Now I have made it my mission to help women who are at-risk find their own path to recovery. I also serve as the executive director of Gracie’s House, which provides sober living-structured temporary housing and a multitude of support services for women in North Brunswick. Gracie’s House and the Antonia Maria Foundation’s purpose is to honor those who are in recovery and to help women find their own sense of power and energy in the healing process.

Antonia Maria Foundation offers women the opportunity to clear out emotional stress and past traumas through such disciplines as meditation, Reiki, yoga, spiritual and intuitive healing, weekly workshops and support groups as well as developing and or enhancing life skills and a host of other resources.

What makes Antonia Maria Foundation so successful is the idea that each client’s recovery program is unique and individualized. People heal in different ways and it’s important to focus on personalized recovery through a variety of modalities and wellness strategies.

I am also grateful to my family, and I have learned to surround myself with people who support me and my passion of providing a safe place for women in recovery.

On September 29, please join us as we gather to honor and celebrate people in recovery, encourage those suffering from addiction to seek help and find their path to recovery, and commemorate National Recovery Month. Candles will be provided for a candlelight vigil, but feel free to bring your own as well as photographs of loved ones who have lost their lives to addiction. Everyone is welcome.

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