No One Is Immune to Opioid Addiction

This has been written and said many times, but it’s worth repeating once again: opioid addiction can affect anyone.

In a recent editorial, Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, detailed his struggle with prescription opioids in the weeks following knee replacement surgery.

Reagan said opioids not only made him feel sick but also changed his personality, even though he took them as prescribed by his doctor: two every four hours after the surgery and then one every 12 hours.

Reagan’s story shows just how it easily somehow can become dependent or addicted to opioids and that it can happen to anyone.

It’s vital that people become aware of these risks. No one can predict when they might end up in the emergency room, but when they do they should be prepared to speak with their doctor about alternatives to opioids. Prevention is the most effective tool in stemming this crisis.

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