An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley Cyrus,

I wasn’t going to acknowledge the controversy surrounding your latest single, “We Can’t Stop” and the several references to ecstasy riddled throughout the lyrics. 

However, I recently came across a video that appears to show you lip synching to a new unreleased song in which you make several references to the aforementioned controversy. I won’t quote the whole thing because there are some parts that simply aren’t appropriate but there was one specific line I wanted to make mention of.

Poppin’ Molly and you know you’ll never stop, you think I’m turnt up wait until my album drops”


                    Still image from the video to "Ain't Worried About Nothin'" by French Montana feat. Miley Cyrus. From

As you attempt to attract a more adult audience, remember that there are still millions of children who admire and continue to be fans of your talent and music.  Abusing drugs, or “poppin’ Molly” as you put it, isn’t something responsible adults do.  If you frame substance abuse as “adult” or “mature”, then what do you expect your young audience to think?  Substance abuse ruins lives.  In our home state of New Jersey, the scourge of prescription drug abuse and heroin overdoses are claiming more and more young lives.  We don’t need pop icons, whom our children grew up loving, now telling them that the key to be taken seriously as an adult is abusing drugs.

Another key to being an adult is maturity. You have a responsibility to the young people who look up to you to set a good example for them. Being an adult doesn’t mean you can live with reckless abandon because you don’t have to answer to anybody. It is knowing that you CAN do whatever you want, but also having the wisdom not to.  By endorsing substance abuse, you are actually taking a giant step backwards in maturity, not forward. What self-respecting adult would take you seriously after what you’ve been singing about?

You don’t have to sing about paying the bills, voting, doing your taxes, or any other stereotypical adult things, but showing a little maturity and self-awareness might go a long way.  We are trying to show our kids that the path to adulthood is best traveled with a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.  Why not try to help us?


The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey

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