PDFNJ to Participate in White House Sports and Fitness Day

Today, the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey is honored to be one of several organizations represented in Washington, D.C., to recognize White House Sports and Fitness Day.

The Partnership and students from St. Francis Academy in Union City will join President Trump, former Yankee great Mariano Rivera, government dignitaries and other professional athletes to focus on the importance of youth sports. A story published this morning on NJ.com detailed the Partnership’s role in today’s event.

Involvement in athletics can be an extremely positive experience for children and teens by promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging teamwork and providing an opportunity to have fun. Providing young people with the chance to participate in sports also can be an important aspect in substance use prevention.

By highlighting sports’ beneficial impact on physical and emotional wellbeing, the president can bring renewed attention to importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle, which includes living substance abuse-free.

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