America’s Drug Companies Prescribed 76 Billion Opioid Pills—1.5 Billion to NJ Alone

America’s drug companies have distributed 76 billion opioid pills throughout the country from 2006 to 2012—1.5 billion of those pills flooded the state of New Jersey alone.

A database managed by the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA), which oversees and tracks every single pain pill sold within the country, was recently made public.

The Automation of Reports and Consolidated Order System or ARCOS database showed billions of prescription pills distributed over a seven-year period, igniting the fire that killed thousands of people in our country and home state.

From 2006 to 2012, pill shipments soared throughout New Jersey, most of which were concentrated in South Jersey. If the number of pills distributed during this time period were divided evenly amongst every New Jersey resident, each person would have 170 pills, according to an article written by

More than 6,000 people died in New Jersey during that seven-year period. With our death rate 67% higher than the national average, we can expect to continue to see deaths in the thousands.

It is important that we continue to address issues of over prescription and educate ourselves about the addictive potential of opioids.

Recently Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey legislature enacted a law commemorating October 6th Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day in New Jersey. Knock Out Opioid Abuse features parents, prevention and treatment professionals, community leaders, students and other concerned residents throughout New Jersey who spend the day distributing crucial information in an effort to spread education and awareness of the risks of prescription opioids and their link to heroin use. We encourage all residents in the state who are interested in helping raise awareness and eliminate stigma to participate.

To learn more about the event and how to get involved, visit

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